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About The Cat Track

The last few decades has seen a revolution in how households look after their pet cats. Due to ever growing safety and environmental concerns, our cats are increasingly being brought inside the home to live indoors as members of the family. As a result, statistically our beloved felines are now living longer lives than ever, with fewer injuries and health problems. 

Key to a happy and fulfilling indoor life is providing your cat with an entertaining indoor environment with lots of varied activity to give them the mental and physical stimulation they require to thrive. Cat exercise wheels and other more sophisticated cat toys are at the forefront of this revolution in cat care.

The Cat Track is perfectly sized for medium and smaller cats. By sizing the wheel for this demographic, we are able to make the wheel available to more households where space may be at a premium, while also making it as affordable as possible for all (our competitors retail at up to £400).

Wheel Diameter: 100cm

Overall Height: 103cm

Some cats take to using an exercise wheel alot quicker than others, with some taking to it almost straight away while others may need a good few weeks to get used to the wheel and the sense of movement, together with lots of interaction and encouragment from yourself. We've put together a step by step guide on how to encourage your cat to use The Cat Track and you can find that here.

The Cat Track is available in the UK. All stock is held in the UK.

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