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Bring Me Sunshine!

Providing your indoor cat with access to a cozy spot with natural light is one of the best things you can do.

Cats like to feel warm and secure before they fall to sleep. They also use the sunlight to help make up the slight drop in body temperature that happens once they fall asleep. Some cats will change their sleep positions to follow the movement of the sun, even if it's only coming through the window. Have you noticed cats are active during the night and then sleep for long hours during the day? This is because cats are crepuscular, which means they prefer to be awake at dawn and dusk. Having access to natural light allows them to sense the changes in the light (day vs night) and regulate their natural rhytms. Cats are natural hunters and if they can see out of a window - even if the view is not so appealing as a human, cats will find fascinating things to stalk and they will keep themselves busy and entertained.

Leave the blinds open a little, your cat will appreciate it!

Brought to you by Guest Contributor: Andrea - Cat Behavourist & Trainer from

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