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Entertaining your indoor cat

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is essential during their short time with us. Here are a few tips to help you out.


Like children, cats love toys. You can keep your cat entertained by choosing different types of toys, including different colours and textures. If you're keeping an eye on the purse strings, many cats actually enjoy playing with a cardboard box! Try interactive toys to give them a mental workout, and rotate their toy selection often to prevent boredom.


Studies have shown that talking to your cat can help to relax them, and this can in turn help to strengthen the trust between you and your cat. If you're able to sit close to them and make eye contact, this can help to put them at ease.


Technology has evolved at an incredible pace for us humans over the past few decades, with almost anything now available at the touch of a button. So it may come as no surprise to find out that developers have made games specifically for cats that can be played on touch screen devices. There are hundreds available in app stores, and most involve small creatures like mice, fish, and bugs moving around on the screen to encourage the cat to "catch" it. While it's not a substitute for genuine interaction, it can be a fun way to keep them entertained for a short time!

Indoor exercise

We are obviously biased on this one, but ensuring your indoor cat is getting enough physical activity is crucial for their wellbeing. Exercise has many benefits for our feline friends, including keeping their mood balanced, keeping joints moving and maintaining a healthy weight. Our exercise wheel can really help your cat get those steps in!

Scratch time

Cats are notorious scratchers! This is because they need to scratch in to keep their claws in good condition. In order to keep your furniture safe from claw marks, it's important to provide your cat with a variety of other forms of entertainment. Traditional scratch posts are a great way to do this, as cats also scratch to leave behind their unique scent to ward off other felines. When cats use their claws, scent glands are activated, which leaves behind a distinctive smell to identify the cat as its own. Providing them with a designated place to scratch can help keep them both happy and safe.

Light play

Lastly, why not experiment with a light or laser? Shining a light or laser on the floor for your cat to chase can provide lots of fun. Avoid shining the light or laser in your cat’s eyes as they can be very powerful and cause damage to their retina. If you don’t have a light or laser, try using things that can reflect light, such as a small mirror or CD. Be careful with this type of play though. Cats are natural hunters and can get stressed and frustrated after chasing something that they can't catch. When you have finished playing, try throwing something for them to catch to round off the game.

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