Roll-a-Ball Interactive USB Rechargeable Cat Toy


Keep your cat or kitten entertained with the Roll-a-Ball USB rechargable cat toy from The Cat Track. Measuring 7cm in diameter, it comes with feather and jingle bell attachments and integrated lights, so you're sure to get lots of amusement. You'll get around 4 hours of playtime from 1.5 hours of charge using the included USB cable (USB plug is required). Just press the button once for white lights and twice for coloured lights and then watch it go! The Roll-a-Ball has an automatic shut off after 45minutes.


Note: The Roll-a-Ball rolling mechanism together with the ball rolling on hard flooring surfaces does make a small amount of noise. For some cats this may take a little getting used to, reassurance and a little bit of training using treats and existing toys will help.  


- Comes with feather and jingle bell attachments

- 2 modes (white light or coloured lights)

- Suitable for use on hard floors (wood/laminate/tile)

- USB cable included (USB plug required eg phone charging plug)

- Ball measures 7cm in diameter


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